RUSH Graduate Student Brownbag
(Regional / Urban / Spatial / Housing)

Fall 2023 Schedule

The brownbag will take place on Tuesdays at 2pm EST via zoom. To sign up for meetings, you can join our email list!

Spatial Extrapolation in Housing Markets

(30 mins.)

Presented by Gen Li.

Idiosyncratic Risk in Returns to Housing

(30 mins.)

Presented by Francisco Amaral.

Internal Migration, Structural Transformation and Intergenerational Educational Mobility

(60 mins.)

Presented by Jingxuan Du.

The Impact of Natural Disasters on Rents: Evidence from Hurricane Sandy

(60 mins.)

Presented by Kate Harwood.

Racial Discrimination in Eviction Filing

(60 mins.)

Presented by Ali Lodermeier.

Corporate ownership of residential housing

(30 mins.)

Presented by Konhee Chang.

Frictional monopoly power: Theory and Empirics on Housing

(30 mins.)

Presented by Gonçalo Costa.

The Welfare Consequences of Incoming Remote Workers on Local Residents

(60 mins.)

Presented by Hoyoung Yoo.

Two-sided Sorting and Spatial Inequality

(30 mins.)

Presented by Guangbin Hong.

Should Governments Subsidize Homeownership? A Quantitative Analysis of Spatial Housing Policies

(30 mins.)

Presented by Claudio Luccioletti.

School Access and City Structure

(60 mins.)

Presented by Giorgio Pietrabissa.

Urban Transport Infrastructure and Downtown outmigration in the 19th century: the case of Paris

(30 mins.)

Presented by Pol Cosentino.

The Impact of Youth Centres on Crime

(30 mins.)

Presented by Carmen Villa-Llera.

Follow the Crowd? Risk and Return of Agglomeration of Migrant Workers

(60 mins.)

Presented by Yulu Tang.


We are organizing this brownbag to create a space for graduate students and post-docs to present their work to their peers. We encourage folks to submit work in all stages - from new ideas to job market papers. Our goals is to create connections across schools, exchange ideas with others in our field, and get constructive feedback.

Our plan is to host a weekly brownbag for 10-15 weeks each semester (depending on the demand). We are currently looking for proposals for the fall semester and will be accepting submissions until August 15th.

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The brownbag is organized by the following group of people (alphabetical order):