RUSH Graduate Student Brownbag
(Regional / Urban / Spatial / Housing)


We are organizing this brownbag to create a space for graduate students and post-docs to present their work to their peers. We encourage folks to submit work in all stages - from new ideas to job market papers. Our goals is to create connections across schools, exchange ideas with others in our field, and get constructive feedback.

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Spring 2024 Schedule

The brownbag will take place on Thursdates at 11am EST via zoom. To sign up for meetings, you can join our email list!

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Your Room is Ready: Tourism and Urban Revival

(60 mins.)

Presented by Alberto Hidalgo.

Market Concentration, Labor Quality, and Efficiency: Evidence from Barriers in the Real Estate Industry

(60 mins.)

Presented by Jeanna Kenney.

The Effects of Public Eviction Records on Low-Income Households

(30 mins.)

Presented by Alison Lodermeier.

Difference-in-differences via Common Correlated Effects

(30 mins.)

Presented by Kyle Butts.

Working From Home and the Centrality Premium: Implications for Business Districts

(60 mins.)

Presented by Olivier Denagiscarde.

Quantifying the Welfare Impacts of Gentrification on Incumbent Renters

(60 mins.)

Presented by Robert French.

The Political Economy of Congestion Pricing: Experimental Evidence from New York City

(60 mins.)

Presented by Natalie Yang.

Speculative Demand Displacement: Evidence from the Korean Housing Market

(30 mins.)

Presented by Chanwool Kim.

Local Economy, Housing Prices and Neighborhood Change

(30 mins.)

Presented by Giacomo Rosso.

The Economic Footprint of Short-Term Rentals on local businesses: Evidence from Portugal

(30 mins.)

Presented by Francisco Nobre.

Urban Planning as a Determinant of Labour Markets and Economic Growth: The Case of India

(30 mins.)

Presented by Harshita Agrawal.

Inclusive but Concentrated: The impacts of Voluntary Inclusionary Zoning. Evidence from Los Angeles, California

(60 mins.)

Presented by Ignacio Aravena-Gonzalez.


The brownbag is organized by the following group of people (alphabetical order):